Next Election: Edo Governorship Elections-21st September 2024


As all election managers and observers know, the end of one electoral cycle heralds the beginning of another. This dictum has operated time and again and was clearly demonstrable after the 2019 General Election. Accordingly, as a springboard to advancing its operations, processes and procedures in the conduct of elections, the Commission took deliberate steps to review the conduct of the 2019 General Election not in isolation, but with the engagement of its field officers at all levels and a wide range of electoral stakeholders.

These review meetings were held with the sole aim of improving the management and conduct of elections to be held within the 2019-2023 Electoral Cycle. The outcome of the various review engagements resulted in a total of 178 recommendations spanning 14 thematic areas. Recommendations that required the Commission’s administrative action and amendments to the election legal framework were expedited.

The Commission went further to review its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan (SP) and Strategic Plan of Action (SPA) to appraise the implementation of 47 key actions and over 650 activities. The major challenges that militated against the full realisation of the plan were identified and categorised into five thematic areas. Lessons learnt from the 2017- 2021 review formed the launching pad for the formulation of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan (SP) and Strategic Plan Implementation Programme (SPIP).

Click here to download the full report >> 2023 GENERAL ELECTION REPORT-1

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