Ondo State Governorship Elections
Countdown to Saturday, 10 October 2020, 08:00:00 (Lagos time)


The following documents are available for download from the Commission:


INEC SERVICOM Page is introduced to provide information on the Commission for improved electoral service. The Page is designed to speed up information flow, promote the sharing of experiences on best practice and encourage the dissemination of innovative ideas. On the Page, INEC SERVICOM will provide information on E []...

Report of the Committee to Investigate Allegations of Under-Aged Voting using INEC Voter Register in the Kano State Local Government Election of 10th February, 2018

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), conscious of the foundational role of a credible Register of Voters in all elections and mindful of the outrage caused by the alleged voting by under-aged persons using the national register in the Local Government elections held in Kano State on 10th February 201 []...

Application Form for Election Observers
Communication Policy/Strategy for INEC
INEC Strategic Plan 2017-2021

This strategic plan was developed following a comprehensive review of the Strategic Plan 2012- 2016. It is a blueprint designed to help the Commission to develop a pragmatic roadmap that will serve as a practical guide for its work in the next five years. The process of developing the strategy included a comprehensiv []...


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