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1.Advocacy for Quality Leadership and Health Awareness Foundation

2.African Christian Care Trust Organization

3.African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & development (Centre LSD)

4.Africa for Millenium Change Initiative

5 African Splendor women and leadership initiative

6.Africa Women for Unity, Social and Culture Organization

7.Akai for Youth Sustainable Development Foundation

8.Akondu Youths Network Forum Abuja

9.Amazons Women of Substance Foundation

10.Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation

11.Auda-NEPAD Nigeria

12.Centre for Accountability and Inclusive Development (CAAID)

13.Centre for Childcare and Youth Development

14 Centre for Grassroots Development and Crime Prevention

15. Centre for Gender and Youth Civic Education and rights in Africa

16 Centre for Policy and Leadership Development

17. Centre for Positive Change and Civic Responsibility

18 Centre for Strategic Conflict Management

19. Centre for Strategy, Ethics and Value

20. Centre for Social Value and Early Childhood Development

21. Centre for Transparency Advocacy

22. Citizens Rights for Peace and Non- Violence Initiative

23. Citizens Rights and Leadership Awareness Initiative

24 Citizens Rights for Peace and Good Leadership Initiative

25. Committee of Youth on Mobilization and Sensitization (CYMS)

26. Concerned Initiative for Community & Social Development

27. Conscience Women of Africa Initiative

28. Epretamara Empowerment & Leadership Foundation

29. Future Leaders Global Initiative

30Global Development Center for Rescue Mission in Nigeria

31. Global Hope and Justice for the Less Privileged

32 Global Policy Advocacy and Leadership Initiative

33. Grassroot Development and Peace Initiative

34. Great Light Women Empowerment Initiative

35. International Leadership Initiative

36. International Standard Centre for Development

37. Initiative for Peace Humanity and Social Advancement for Women

38. Initiative for Promotion of Women Development

39. Initiative for Promotion of Women Development

40. Initiative for Promotion of Civic Obligations & Sustainable Peace

41. Initiative for the Rapid Development of Nigeria (IRD-Nigeria)

42. Initiative for Youth Transformation and Positive Change

43. Kimpact Youth Development Initiative

44. Men on Duty Foundation

45. Muslim Sisters for Social Justice Initiative

46. New Dawn for Development Initiative

47. Nova Civic Education Foundation

48. Northern Patriotic Front

49. Northern Social-Cultural Initiative

50. Nigeria Progressive Women and Youth Development Initiative

51. Organization of Justice for Equity Sustenance

52. Otujah Network for Development and Growth Advocacy

53. Patriotic Visioners Foundation

54. Patriotic Women Foundation

55. Peace and Civic Obligation Development Initiative

56. Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria (PUAN)

57. Rightway for Women and Youth in Africa Development Initiative

58. Rosxywhite Care Foundation

59. Society for the Protection of Human Rights

60. Sonia Initiative for Sustainable Peace and Progress

61. The Flag Foundation of Nigeria

62. United Human Rights & Philanthropy Foundation International

63. United Nigeria Peace Foundation

64 Waterlight Save Initiative

65. Women and Child Disaster Rescue Initiative

66. Womenfest for Betterlife Living Initiative

67. Women Education Advocacy and Development Initiative

68. Women’ rights and Peace Protection Initiative for Africa

69. Women and Youth Empowerment for Global Change Initiative

70. Women and Youths Development Initiative

71. Winex Foundation

72 Yiaga Africa Initiative

73. Your Vote is Your Voice Africa Initiative

74. Youth Initiative for Better and Great Nigeria


1. International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)

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